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November 18, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)

The rain was pounding loudly on your bedroom window as you stared out into the dense, blackening sky. Something about it was so depressing yet so beautiful and content at the same time. You loved the rain and how it just seemed to wash away all the troubles of your past. You had just recently moved from [hometown or fav big city] to a small town in [fav state]. The town was large enough to have different high schools, but small enough so that everyone in the area knew everyone else. The news of your arrival had already hit every high school and all the kids had mixed feelings about a newcomer, not that you cared. All you cared about was our family's happiness, which is what brought you to this small town in the first place. Your dad had just recently met a nice woman on eHarmony and soon dated the lady. They hit it off right off the back and now you were moving in together with her family. For a while it had only been you and your dad, but now there was another woman and her son in the picture. Her son and your new step-brother was Alfred F. Jones. He seemed very boisterous and annoying at first, but the more you were around him, the more you realized that he was just very outgoing and could serious when asked. He was weary around you for a while though. When he first saw you, you had sworn you saw sadness, regret, and shock pass through his eyes. He didn't say much to you … for the first 10 minutes. After that, Alfred began to hang around you and talk (very loudly) like an excited child. He asked you all sorts of questions like what your favorite color was and what movies you liked to watch. You thought this was just him trying to get to know you and you began to ask some questions to him. Like his birthday. He got really excited and said proudly "July 4th!!" …. But then, for the slightest moment, once again, you saw sadness flash across his cobalt eyes, making them shimmer sadly.

You now stare out into the depressing landscape that lay outside your window, thinking why or what could Alfred be sad about? You had now been living together for a couple of months and you and Alfred, being the same age and grade, had started at your new high school. You and Alfred got along great by this point. The relationship you two had was like a very-close brother-sister relationship. You would go to the bus stop together, sit together on the bus, walk to class together, and eat lunch together. Alfred was able to get most of his classes with you (besides the extra [favorite course/ class], which Alfred hated). So, he would sit next you in every class as well. Both of you were inseparable and the best of friends, but, there were certain topics that would just make Alfred get that same sad glint in his eye. He seemed to only show it around you, but then again you were with him all the time.

As you began to think, you heard a knock at your door. "Come in", you say, still deep in thought about Alfred, eyes drifting from rain drop to rain drop as if they held the answers to your questions. Just then, you felt a light breath breathe against your ear … "[y/n], what's up dudette?" You turned your head to meet Alfred's face, with inches to spare between your lips, eyes, and noses. You stared into his face, mesmerized by the shade of blue his eyes were. You roamed over his features and tranced over them with your eyes. 'What am I thinking?!' You scolded yourself in thought. 'This is my brother! Sure we aren't related but still! I shouldn't be doing this!' However, you were quickly brought out of your scolding state by those deep blue eyes. You thought of how they seemed to mirror the ocean completely … deep, mysterious, and full of secrets. Still entranced, the question you had been asking yourself slipped between your lips, as if his eyes coaxed them out of you. "Why do seem sad around me?" your voice was quiet and soft, not at all like your normal voice, which seemed powerful and firm. Alfred, taken aback by your question, moved back a little and thought carefully. You, at once, felt lonely and in need of his presence again. You were somehow able to keep your cool though, and moved to lean your back against the wall. Since your room had a window seat and Alfred was on the other end, you two were still fairly close, but the distance felt like miles to you. As you felt the cool wall against your skin, you could relate the feeling of our heart to that of the wall. You looked away from Alfred's face to gaze out the window and find some composure before he answered you.

-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~Alfred's POV-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

'God WHY?!?!' I thought in desperation. 'I thought I kept a cool head around her! What should I say?? I can't tell her the truth!' I began rummaging in my head for an explanation to give her. But, soon, I found myself following her movements yet again. She leaned back against the white wall. The wall seemed to reflect the sky and seemed to be a dull shade of grey though. Her [skin tone] skin was such a contrast to the dull wall, it seemed to make her glow. Her face shifted to the window, her [h/l] [h/c] framed her face wonderfully and brought out her glistening, sparkling [e/c] eyes. I couldn't deny it anymore. I didn't want this to happen. I didn't deserve her. She was my sister now! Yet, the evidence makes no mistake. I followed her movements, no matter how slight, she caught my attention in every aspect, and she was all I thought about. I love her. 'Life … you're such a bitch to me …' I thought bitterly. She was so close, yet so far out of my reach … I wish she could just remember … Then, the movement of her beautiful eyes found my face, revealing her patience as she waited for my answer. 'Light bulb …' I thought.

-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`3rd Person POV`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-`-

You looked back toward Alfred. 'Something must be terribly wrong if it takes him this long to respond' you thought anxiously. You waited a little longer before he spoke, "Well, you see—" "You don't have to tell me" You had cut him off. You didn't want to force an answer out of him, he had a right to his privacy and you didn't want to forcefully  invade some part of him that must be very hard for him to convey in the first place. You didn't want him to be sad or regretful due to your curiosity. "No, it's ok" Alfred began to speak again, calmly. "You have a right to know, since I am idiot in the first place revealing my emotions when I am around you. But, you just remind me of my old girlfriend," Your heart practically broke when you heard 'girlfriend'. You could've sworn you heard the pieces crash. Alfred went on "You and her look so much alike and are so similar in personalities … Both of you are shy, yet outgoing; serious but the life of the party; and both of you love the American classics: Hamburgers, apple pie, and Patriotism." Alfred smiled with longing and sadness. "She died a long time ago … I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her but, there was an accident." Alfred looked close to tears … You wanted to comfort him, but with knowing you remind him of someone he once loved and lost … You didn't want to do that to him. "Is there anything I can do? Could I change my appearance so I don't look like her? Or change my personality?" You said, almost, desperately. Alfred looked at you quizzically and then laughed his boisterous laugh. "[y/n] … hahaha … Don't you change anything! I –sigh- like you this way. I like you the way you are, now what was I supposed to tell you? I know I came up here for something …" Alfred quickly got over his laugh-fest and you began to let his words sink in as he pondered the reason for his need to come to your room. 'He likes me the way I am? Even though I remind him of someone he loved and misses dearly?' you thought. 'does he like me for me or am I replacement for that "girlfriend" of his?' The mention of "girlfriend" in your thoughts broke your heart again. You didn't want to be a replacement, hell, you would rather be treated like the little kid sister than a replacement (and you lived off of respect, being treated like a little kid would not even fly with you on a normal basis). You began to feel angry and frustrated when-"OH! HAHA! I REMEMBER NOW! [Y/N]!!! WE- -" "ALFREED!! WHERE'S [Y/N]? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GET HER FOR DINNER?!" your new step-mom called from downstairs. Alfred just pouted cause for 1) he got yelled at and for 2) he didn't get to finish his sentence. This made you instantly forgive and forget your hatred as you let out a cute giggle. Alfred moped a bit going down the stairs with you following shortly after. Your new step-mom had created a lovely "feast" as Alfred called it. There was mashed potatoes, corn, hamburgers, and (for dessert) apple pie. Yours and Alfred's favorite meal.

Once dinner was over, you took a shower and changed into your favorite pajamas. You began looking at your planner to see if there was anything needed to be done before school the next day. Nothing came up, all of your stuff had been completed earlier so you decided to get on your Xbox and see what was going on. As soon as your home screen popped up, Alfred had already messaged you.


You sighed. This was typical of Alfred to forget assignments from time to time, he only did it every so often though. However, he did it enough for you to wonder how he was able to complete middle school with his organization skills. You began to reply.

"Yes I finished it … I will send u a copy over Skype"

You then began to fish out your laptop from under your bed and began to search for the assignment. Thankfully, you saved it to the desktop and were able to open it, copy/ paste it onto the Skype messenger and send it to Alfred. By the time you closed and placed your laptop back in its original spot, Alfred has messaged you back.


The message made you blush and look away from the screen. You grabbed your controller and typed back.

"I love you too ^^ but  the difference is I love you more than burgers all the time and thus love you more <3"

You weren't sure if this was flirting, but you considered it as brotherly-sisterly bickering. Alfred didn't message you for a while and so you began to play a new game on Xbox called something along the lines of the Hardest Game … there was rhythmic music playing and you were a square and you had to jump over triangles so you didn't touch them or you would 'pop'. Then there were other squares that you jumped on top of to slide across. It was very fun and addicting and … hard. One of the hardest you have ever played. You had played for a very long time and you felt very tired, so you looked at your clock. 10:34 pm. 'Damn' you thought. It was 34 minutes passed your bed time and lord knows you were awful in the morning if you didn't go to bed at the right time. So you began to ready your Xbox for a shut down when … Alfred messages you.

"uh, dude, sorry to break it to you but I love you more cuz im the older bro here <3 <3 BOOYAH double hearts!"

This made you grin and you immediately replied to this message of "superiorness".

"nope sorry ;] I love you more bcuz it is scientifically proven that girls have a greater capacity to love than guys <3<3<3 you just got pwnd by triple hearts and science ,':]"

You didn't even get a chance to walk away from the screen when Alfred messaged you back right away.

"what?? O.o im so lost dude … wat about the science and capaci- whoee -whata …?"

You just chuckled and replied in a very … smart-ass way.

"Lets just say that I love you more and now its time for bed. ;] <3<3<3<3 quadruple hearts bro … suck it"

Before Alfred had the chance to message you back, you shut off your Xbox for some much needed rest. You turned off your lights and made your way to your bed where you cuddled under the covers. You then began to dream a slightly familiar-feeling dream.

It was 1945 and the War was over!! You were so elated by this fact. You wanted to remember this day. The day your soldiers came home. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue. It reminded you of the eyes of someone you loved with all your heart … Someone you loved that was overseas … Someone you loved that you hadn't heard from in the past 7 months. You cried silently at the docks, waiting for some sign of your lover to appear. Hoping, praying with all your heart that he made it and that he was on this ship, finally returning home. The navy cadets were beginning to exit the ship in huge numbers, greeting their wives, mothers, and children for the first time in years. You scanned desperately hoping to find a glimpse of --- Then you saw him. There he was, exiting the ship donned in the signature white navy uniform of the decade. Alfred F. Jones, your lover, your love, your entire life, was there coming off of the ship. You couldn't hold back any longer and bolted to him, pushing past the crowds of people in desperation. Tears streaming down your face like the Mississippi River as you finally made it out of the crowd in front of the man who hadn't seen you in over 3 years. You jumped onto him arms locking around his broad shoulders, holding on for dear life, not wanting to let him go again. He stood his ground and wrapped his strong, muscular arms around your waist, gripping and squeezing you just as tight. The moment you pulled away from the hug, was slow as you met his eyes, light blue as the sky above your heads. Your lovers, as you held his face in your hands, he left one arm around your waist and brought the other to your cheek. The palm of his hand fit your cheek, his thumb rested on your chin, while his other fingers rested along your temple. You both leaned in as he whispered "Darlin' I missed you so much. I promise I will never leave again. I love you, you are the breath of my life, you are my heart, you are my reason for living, will you marry me?" his voice was warm as honey and flowed like the breeze. Neither of you let go as you stared deeply into his eyes and began to cry some more as you said "yes of course. Never leave me alone again, never let me feel so desperate when you're not around, never le-"  "Baby, I'm sorry to tell you that, that, is what love is all about. But, you won't have to feel lonely any more. I will always be here for you, now and forever." You just smiled and close your eyes as you began to point your toes, lift yourself up to his face, you could feel his warm breath as your lips were just hairs apart. Then ---


You awoke to the sound of your alarm clock, beeping of the hook. You slowly sat-up and reached out to shut it off. You stared into space for a little bit, then laid back down. You stared at the ceiling for a while and began to feel something cold slide down the side of your temples. You reach up to your face and realize you are crying. Then the dream came rushing back to you … 'why … Why … WHY?!' you began to sob. 'WHY COULDN'T THAT HAVE ACTUALLY HAPPENED??' You were so upset, then you thought about what had just came across your mind. Your brother. You dreamt about KISSING your BROTHER! This was so wrong!! You just couldn't!! But, …. You couldn't help but in the back of your mind admitting to yourself that you really did love your step-brother. 'NO! I can't … I'm not! This is probably just a stage … yeah, and by next month I will see him as the brother he is to me!' you thought confidently.

However, when you began to review the dream, the sights, smells, the touch of him against you … It seemed like a memory … A memory from long ago, locked in your brain until last night. 'What … why?' you began to think, when Alfred knocked and barged into your room. "[Y/N]!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! DUDETTE WE ARE GONNA BE LATE IF YOU DON'T GET DRESSED RIGHT NOW!" he practically shouted at you. Startled, you jumped out of bed, shoved Alfred out the door, slammed the door shut and grabbed the first thing you saw in your closet … a floral print dress that went to your mid-thigh. You never wore it because you thought it wouldn't look good on you, but being it is that you were running late, you needed something quick to slip on so you put on the dress and slipped on some white sandals to match. By this time, it was too late to walk to the bus and your step-mom (who was off from work that day thankfully) told both you and Alfred that she would drive you.
Once you got downstairs though, you immediately caught your step-mom's attention with the dress. "Oh! Do you like the dress I bought you?! It looks so pretty on you! It really brings out your [e/c] eyes!!" she said smiling full blast. She was one of the nicest, happiest, bubbliest, unselfish people you knew. You just smiled at her to let her know you were happy with the dress, no matter what your tastes were. "Here, let me do your hair! You guys have plenty of time now since I'm driving you, so we have time for you to eat breakfast and I can do your hair …" she began dragging you into her bathroom and began her magic (if you have short hair, mom curled it …. If you have long hair it was curled and put into a lovely bun). Your new mom also began to put make up on you … you never really wore make up due to lack of time in the morning, but you were never one to turn it down. By the time you were done and "dolled up" you walked out into the living room and crossed to enter the kitchen where Alfred had a slice of toast hanging out of his mouth. The moment he saw you, his jaw dropped and the toast fell out his mouth. He almost immediately closed his mouth but a huge blush formed across his face, causing you to blush and giggle in response.

You had already eaten breakfast while your mom did your hair, so she decided since everyone was all done getting ready and had finished breakfast, it was time to go to school.

When you both, entered school, all eyes turned on you. You felt really nervous and self-conscious, so you stayed close to Alfred almost the entire day, until [your favorite class] came around. You were alone at your desk and there were two guys standing, hovering over you. "Hey little mouse, wanna go out with me this Saturday?" said one with dark sunglasses and long hair pulled back into a ponytail. "No! she is goving out vith the awesome me this Saturday!" said a German albino raising his voice. You had no clue what to do … this had never happened before!

Then all of a sudden you realized, the two men were gone. What had happened? Was Alfred here? Did he come to check on you? Nope. There was, standing in front of your desk, the most popular boy in school. The Frenchman known as Francis Bonnefoy. His face held a look of disapproval, but when he turned to you, that look melted into one of tenderness and … almost flirtatiously creepy. "You know mon ami you are very beautiful today, bella. You know I have always been watching you and admiring you from afar, but I am afraid I cant hold back any longer. What would you say to going on a date with mwa? Would you like to be my girlfriend, mon ami?"

You blushed scarlet and became so flustered. NEVER had a guy asked you out, let alone a POPULAR one! You had to make a decision quick, but when you tried, all you thought of was Alfred. 'Maybe this is how I can overcome that stage!' you quickly looked at Francis and said "It would be my pleasure." Francis smiled (a little creepily) as he sat down next to you in class. But whenever class was starting, you soon began to feel a … hand … going up your leg … and … under your dress?!

To Be Continued ~
Kay so I haven't been having much luck with reader-inserts lately but i finally managed to complete one!! Writer's block can kiss my bootie!!

This is the first reader-insert i have uploaded, so i hope you all like it and enjoy it ^^

Wont give much away about the next chapter but ...
France is definitely doing some sexual harassment on you right now ... but DON'T WORRY!! Your hero will come ;]

Please feel free to give me your opinions, comments, and if you wanna request something feel free!

Love you all, have a lovely weekend, and remember:

Live today
Imagine tomorrow
Enjoy Hetalia for life


Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]


I DO NOT own Hetalia
I DO NOT own Alfred F. Jones (America) [i wish TT^TT]
I DO NOT own Xbox or the Hardest Game (if i got the name of the game wrong plz let me know)
I DO NOT own the picture, but if the creator happens to be reading this and wants credit then plz let me know so i can give you credit ^^
I Do own you ... but only for a little bit ...
then maybe Alfred :iconsexyamericaplz: will own you :iconhawtamerica2plz:

Here is a pic of the dress that a reader created that i fell in love with!! She made it after she read the story and i think its a perfect fit!! [link]

The dress imaging is credited to the reader who created it!! ^^ thank you sweetie!!
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