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“That’s right [y/n]! ‘The people need it!’ It’s not about us, [y/n]! It’s about her God-forsaken people, goddamnit! She didn’t care about me or us! She cares about her people! She used me and she used you … She used us to get what she wanted and that was her people’s survival! I’m sorry [y/n] but I will NOT marry you!”

“Alfred! Alfred, wait! Come back! Alfred, please! I need you! ALFRED!” I cried and screamed after him as he stomped away….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let’s Finish This!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*Reader POV*

I … I was astonished… How could everything we worked for, suffered for all over the years just fly away in a dust of anger? You were at a loss as to what to do…
This wasn’t just you…  Well part of it was, but it was more about my people than anything else! Why does Alfred have so much hatred about this?! Didn’t he want to save my people too?

That’s when it hit me.

Everything my people did to him… All the wars, blood shed, fighting, the decree of race superiority… White held supreme power. Although I wasn’t one to believe in such a shallow idea, everyone has power and the ability to be anything, but it all makes sense now! Why Alfred would want to save everyone and me, yet feel such hatred about it in the first place! Bingo!

You immediately raced after him having finally figured it out.

*Alfred POV*

I was so freaking pissed! God! Seriously Mom?!?! Don’t do this! Toying with my heart just to save your people?!?! That’s bullshit!!! I should’ve killed all of your people from the start! From the very beginning, just lengthened the Trail of Tears… Yeah, a slow death… How do you like that, Mom? my thoughts chuckled darkly. I couldn’t believe I was thinking like this… But I was so done. I was done with my mom, I was done with Native Americans, and I was done with [y/n]. Done. She will never see me again. I’ll let them die. I’m done. They can scrap for everything they are worth because I’m the superior one here, I won the wars, and I am the top dog. I control everything. I am freedom! I ripped open the kitchen drawer and stole the key to my chopper, I was going to be as free as free could be. I threw everything into disarray, I didn’t care what destruction I made, my chopper was in the back shed and I was taking it out after 20 long years.

I drug out the lifeless hunk of metal and shoved the key in the ignition before kicking off, only to hear it stall… And find it’s out of fucking gas!

“DAMNIT!” I shouted at the sky. She believed her spirit would be reincarnated into some element or animal, well how’s this Mom?! Can you hear me now Mom?!


Then something strong and slender ran into me and shoved me into the ground, causing to bite the dust, hard. I couldn’t believe my eyes but here was [y/n]. Trying to stop me… Trying to keep me from being free… No. No she wasn’t like that! She loves it when I’m free, she would never do anything like this unless… She was desperate. I tilted my chin down to see her big… gorgeous… sparkling… [e/c] gems.

Those beautiful eyes were carrying diamond tears that rained down her face as she looked into my eyes.

*Reader POV*

I was sobbing so hard. ‘Please, Alfred!’ I thought. No… No more thoughts!

Everything that has been happening was put out to everyone well in advance. It’s my turn to tell him and everyone else what is going through my head!

“Alfred F. Jones,” my voice broke into random sobs as I tried to talk to him. “Don’t let this be like the fight in 1967… You were so frustrated at me for not getting what you were trying to tell me and for me wanting you to be like a normal husband… Wanting to be a normal couple with a normal life… But we are not normal… You took your bike and left for a month… I couldn’t live without you… I suffocated… And I bought those stupid drugs! And I overdosed! You came back the day I died. Don’t let this happen again!”

Yeah, I pulled a lost memory card, but I needed him to stay and listen … His eyes looked hurt… Like he saw the me from that era right here in front of him. As if I came back to life to hear what he could never tell me… He was dying inside as his arm wrapped around my waist and the base of my head, clutching me close. He cried and cried, begging over and over as he said “Sorry… Forgive me… I’m sorry…”

I clutched back. “Now… Alfred,” sobs slipping through my mouth once again, “I know you don’t like the past the Native American people have with you… but please. If we can’t help them, they will die!”

“Them. Them. Them. That’s all I ever hear about, is them! You wouldn’t be here bouncing my heart up and down like a fucking yo-yo if they didn’t exist! If they die so can you! And I won’t have to feel broken hearted anymore! That’s the only reason you were created! My mom wanted to save her people so she created you… A spider to catch me into her stupid web! Well I don’t want to be tangled in it anymore! I bet you don’t even care about me! All the loss was your chance to lose me till you saw me and had to deal with me all over again-“


“ALFRED FUCKING JONES! I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I WOULDN’T DIE FOR YOU IF THAT WAS THE CASE! I WOULDN’T DIE BECAUSE OF YOU IF I DIDN’T LOVE YOU! I WOULDN’T BE BORN AGAIN AND AGAIN AND MEET YOU AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU ALL OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN IF I DIDN’T!” My tears dripped from my face onto his cheeks as he stared in shock. How stupid was he? Is this why he was mad? He thought I was make believe? He thought what we had was fake? How obtuse.

“Alfred Franklin Jones. Alfred Foster Jones. Alfred Freedom Jones. Remember when we discussed all these for you? That night under the stars… One of the fist times we told each other ‘I love you’. When I first started calling you ‘Alfie’… Which led to a very nice love-making session afterwards, thank you. Alfred, remember… I love you always… While I may represent the Native Americans, I am human too. I have feelings. I am capable of love. I love</b> you!”

I let my eyes stare into him for a while before the grip on the back of my head tightened and brought my face a fraction of a centimeter from his.

“For all of the crimes you have committed there lil’ miss I’m afraid I’mma hafta punish ya~ Now I’mma gonna punch you… In the face… With my lips… Softly… Because I love my baby girl too,” Alfred’s southern drawl from all the years in Georgia hit me to the core. Nights of peaches and country music… Sweet tea and cowboy boots… A truly memorable life.
I gazed into his cerulean eyes… My tears welled up again from love, loss, and finally… after many, many, many years… Success. We could finally be together.


That night Alfie and I had a celebratory dinner made by the both of us! Hamburgers by the Hamburger King and sides by myself, followed by a dessert of love making and Nutella brownies!

Our “Parents” came home the next evening and we told them everything. Since they were only there to act as “parents” and look after my ‘situation’, when the ‘situation’ was closed they left the house to us and returned back to work. Turns out they actually were in love with each other from the beginning and decided to keep their new names. They are now retired peacefully in the Mediterranean on the shores of Venice.

Alfred and I “dropped out” of high school and attended the [college near you/ Dream College] University for the next couple years. Alfred studying teaching since his status as a country granted him free education and unlimited funds, he wanted to teach history, as he stated, “the right way”. He’ll probably be back in the country/ ambassador program in a year or two.

I began studying [preferred major] with a minor in Native American studies. I wanted to know where I came from and how to help/ connect better. Alfred and I still live in the same house and have been dating happily for years. While we have been engaged since the day everything happened, we never truly made a wedding date… Except for now.

I am standing at the alter with a gorgeous flowing white dress, a sparkling ring, and a wonderful husband whose love went beyond the test of time, race, and well, mothers. We both said “I do” and continued our lives as a newly wedded couple! Until one day…


“[y/n]…Honey,” Alfred asked in a wavering voice of concern.

“Yes, darling?”

“Why did you put an already baked bun in the oven?”

What did you say, darling?”

“Why did you put a finished bun in the oven?”

“WHAT? BABY I CANT HEAR YOU?!” I screamed over the roar of the vacuum cleaner, giggling the entire time.

“For goodness sakes, WHY IS THERE A BUN IN THE OVEN?!”

I stopped the vacuum and walked over to Alfred and placed my arms around his neck.

“Baby, say that sentence to yourself.”

“What sentence? There’s a bun in the oven-“His eyes grew wide as he stared at me in disbelief.

I grinned as wide as I possibly could and let out a light giggle.

“W-we have a-a …”

“A bun in the oven? Yeah!” I squealed and jumped into his arms as he picked me up and swung me around.

“I’M GONNA BE A DAD! I’M GONNA BE A FATHER!” He screamed into the sky. Thanking his mother for the wonderful gift she gave him. The gift of her people for her memory, the gift of [y/n] for his life, and the gift of their beautiful children for the future of his memory.
.:America X Reader:. Remember Our Love? Part 8 END
Yup... This is the end guys. However I may make 2 additional bonus chapters... One maybe being a lemon ;D *wink wink nudge nudge*

But the bonus chapter I have in mind is just a more detailed account than this one and has a different ending entirely. The lemon is probably going to happen regardless and will fit into both endings.

Thank you for sticking with me this far... After this is officially completed I don't know if I will write on here anymore but I will try! I love you all!



Part 1:…

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:…

Part 5:…

Part 6:…

Part 7:…

Part 8: *Here*




Story (C) ..................................... :iconsamanthaannasnow:

Alfred (C) ..................... :iconyay-aph-plzes:

You (C) ........................................ :iconsexyamerica6plz:
The rain pounded against his body as his feet thrusted into the ground. His only thoughts about going faster through the rain… Allowing it to wash clean all of his mistakes… The things he couldn’t do but wanted to… All the choices he made but wished he could change. Then a flash of [h/c] caught his eye. He halted and stood before the sight of a shattered looking young girl with [h/l], [h/c] hair along the outside of… the bridge… He had to do something! He knew that look! He knew what it meant! But what could he do? How could he help her? Should he even?

You were standing there at the edge of the bridge watching the rushing rapids crush everything they collided with. Water. Cleanse. Freedom. Purity. Death. All of those thoughts meant the same thing in your mind. You didn’t have to deal with this life anymore… The loneliness, emptiness, and sadness… Everyone telling you it’s all a phase… Well, this will teach them. Just a phase wouldn’t cause someone to actually die, right? Too bad no one will see… No one will know… I won’t ever know what it means to feel loved… To know when someone is looking at you and admires even the sad things, the angry things, the things that are just so messed up that they shatter you completely and you will never live again.

This was you right now. Dead inside. No will to live. No one to love. Nothing special anymore. What lonely last thoughts you had. Not even a boy to give your last hope to. ’Just let me die…’ was your last thought before you heard rapid crunching and snapping of branches.

Twisting your head, you saw a boy about 6 feet tall, gray muscle shirt under a leather bomber jacket with gray sweatpants and sneakers sprinting toward you. “WAIT!! STOP!!!” he begged. His blonde hair was whipped back by the wind and darkened by rain, except for a stubborn cowlick that still stood. His bright blue hues were anxious and desperate behind rain spattered spectacles. “PLEASE!!!!!!” He pleaded before you slowly shook your head.
He didn’t know. He couldn’t possibly know what led you to this. Why you were doing this. The pain that had to end then and there. The hole that was threatening to consume you inside. You turned your attention back to the river before he came behind and grabbed you, pulling you over the rail. You screamed at the touch. After being safely put back on the bridge, you let him have it. He was just another force trying to keep you from peace, keeping you stuck in the never ending torturous nightmare of life!


The words just seemed to flow out of you in a rush like a gust of wind. Never once stopping you took a breath of air, rain drops mingling with the tears on your face, freely flowing like your now bottled emotions. Your voice lowered to a whisper, losing the very grip that you had on your sanity.

“B-but … While this world is wretched to me, at the same time, it isn’t. It is beautiful and special and … miraculous. Also unfit for me…. I can’t stay here. I’m a speck of dirt and I hate it …. I hate wasting everyone’s time and efforts. I hate being the source of everyone’s hate! There is no time to hate! We only have enough time to love and laugh and I’m taking that away! I deserve to die and burn in hell!!!!-“

You felt a stinging sensation chase after the words that had desperately left your lips… Your reason for leaving. Your body trembled from the pain of both the slap and release of emotions. At this point, you thought no one would be able to save you. You were a puddle incapable of feeling anything anymore. Life was gray and bleak to you. You grew up with this magical view of the world with every promise under the sun… But now because of the demons in your mind, nothing was special. In your mind you knew it was special, but the emotions to back it up were gone. Your emotional memory wiped clean. You couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be happy anymore.

Another voice, one you were not expecting finally escaped in ragged, teeth clenched tone. “What… is wrong with you? Get over yourself! Don’t give me this ‘it’s about everyone else’ bullcrap! I get it, okay?! You can’t deal with the pain and its eating you up inside… Trust me… I’ve been to hell and seen and dealt with it all before… But it can’t end like this! Dying by your own hand! Choosing to die because you want to?! It’s like… unplugging a game before you got to the ending because the boss is too hard! You said it yourself, this world is ‘miraculous’… Don’t give up now just because you didn’t find your miracle yet… Hell, maybe I’m the miracle you’ve been waiting for… I don’t know. But, you can’t do this. Don’t unplug your game before the credits roll. There’s always a princess who gets saved by a hero and a villain who gets destroyed.”

He moved closer to you, bringing his hands up to wipe away the blending of tears and rain across your face before embracing you completely. You stood there, stunned and paralyzed, as the hug soon began to wake your drenched bones. The damn burst at that moment, all the pain, sadness, and anger flooded out as you wailed to the sky and clutched the stranger’s jacket. You hated this… But knew this is exactly what you needed. You hated showing your emotions to a stranger you just met! You hated bawling like a baby in front of him! You hated clutching him like he was the only thing that could save you… But… he was. He was the only person who came to you. The only person who would’ve stopped you. The only person who would slap you and tell you to get a grip because this life of yours wasn’t over yet! There was still one more miracle life had for you… And that was him.
He stood there, holding you tight in his embrace, as he soothed you by rubbing his hands in circles along your spine. Once you had calmed down a bit, only letting out little gasps to regulate your breathing, he let go suddenly, causing you to cry out and reach to cling to him again… Only to feel the warm interior of his leather jacket fall on top of your shoulders and wrap in front of you tightly. Free from the freezing rain, his leather jacket smothered you in an aroma of axe and cinnamon when he put his arm around you and guided you along the deserted path with him.

“I was on a run when I saw you… I wasn’t following you, just stumbled upon you I guess… When I saw you heading toward the bridge… I saw a younger, weaker version of myself. Before I went on my own there were multiple times when I thought I should give up… Just let the world have its way with me. But I found myself eventually… And I knew that’s what you needed. You needed help finding yourself, dudette. This world isn’t so bad, see?”

As if on cue, the rain whittled down to a rhythmic dripping and a rainbow emerged from the ominous clouds. The sun setting, casting an angelic glow to the scenery, glistening off the leaves dazzling with diamond droplets, making the rainbow sparkle with color… This moment filled your heart with something warm. Whether it was hope, love, or even purpose, you may never fully know or understand, but it helped fuel your reason to live. At that exact moment, you smiled and couldn’t help but giggle. The cliché situation mixed with how torn up you were to begin with, your mind wasn’t all that stable. So what better way to release more stress when you run out of tears? Laughter.

Your laughter rang like bells in the stranger’s ears. It felt to him like an angel singing… Never before had he come across someone with such a beautiful laugh before. Contagious as well, the more he gazed upon your face, the way the light hit you giving off the impression of a halo as well as show off your dazzling smile in the midst of laughter he began laughing too. He also fell in love. Fell in love with the girl who was not only lost, but an angel sent from heaven. Just to make sure he was doing what he should’ve done… If he hadn’t he would’ve never seen this beautiful sight…

Asked her for her name…

Asked her out on a date…

Kissed her angel face…

Held her in his arms all night long…

Asked her to be his wife…

Been given angelic children who look just like her…

Held her hand as the cancer stole her away…

Would it have been better if they had never met? If he hadn’t decided to take that run in the rain that day? If he hadn’t saved her? No.

Would it have saved heartache and loss? Yes.

But he would never give up all those loving years. The years he spent holding her in his bed. The years he spent wiping the tears off her face. The long years it took to get to know her and all her sensitive spots. To know her crazy side and unpredictable nature. To fall in love all over again and again and again. Love is worth every ache and every loss. Even this one. To feel love is the greatest beauty in all of humankind. To taste it only to lose it, the worst kind of pain. To taste it only to live it in its entirety… A miracle.

Tears slipped down his face as one phrase dusted off his lips…

”Why couldn’t I?”
:America X Depressed!Reader: Miracle Angel
So this is something I just did for fun~ Haha...

Not very "happy", I know I know~ Anyway, I am still working on the America X Reader Remember Our Love series... Another chapter should be up in the next couple days, this was just something that needed to be worked through my system. I didn't plan on it becoming a reader insert until I realized I wrote quite a bit... So I tweaked it and here it is! This has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the America X Reader Remember Our Love series. If you want it to be a bonus then, by all means. The stories I write are not just subject to my rules. If you all want to consider this a part of the series, please do. However, please understand that I didn't mean nor write this to have that purpose. The story is, in part, what you guys get from it and how you take things. I want these stories to be unique to everyone. Everyone has their own viewpoints that make the story special. YOU ALL are special.

Remember, Alfred thinks you're special. He also thinks your laughter is musical. You all have miracles heading your way. Keep your heads up! You deserve to be happy. Happiness is not a prize given by people judging you... It is a free emotion you have a right to! You have the right to be happy, never forget that...

Anyway, thank all of you who read my blithering babbling of words, I really really appreciate and love every single one of you! Hope you guys like the story ... (even if it is a little depressing -_____-"")

Love You All!



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Let's see .... I LOVE Hetalia (but who doesn't?) ;) I love to write and hope to publish my own book one day. I am trying my best to create awesome reader inserts for you fabulous folks out there who loveHetalia as much as I do.

I also draw various things but I'm not as good as others ... T.T I will try to upload stuff but i may not get to it so if i dont ever get to that, I do apologize.

But my main love is AMERICA from Hetalia!!! XD I love him soo much!! But thats just me being a very weird fangirl ... :)

I am very patriotic and LOVE my country! I am hoping to join the military when I leave high school. If i dont find anything interesting in the military to do as a career (which i highly doubt ... its the military! ^^) i hope to go to college to become either a politician(cuz the government is fucked up right now!!) or an engineer (thats how we can help the economy [there are more engineers=factories in China ...thats why all the work is there] and there is a lot of money in that as well [dont normally care about money but that is just a bonus])

My goal as a politician is to become the First Hispanic Female President of the United States!!!!! XD

((Fun fact: I am actually half pure blood (at least to my knowledge) Puerto Rican and half pure blood (this i know for a fact) Czechoslovakian ^^ if u wanna hear the story which almost weirds me out just message me i dont wanna explain it on hear ... cause its not really about me ... i guess ??))

I also love Love LOVE Cry (aka ChaoticMonkey) if you do not know who he is click here and embrace his freaking awesomeness!!
I also like Pewdiepie too!! <3

Umm ... I really love scary movies (and before you guys ask, NO i do not act like America and scream my butt off when there is nothing on the screen) but sadly i only like the really REALLY scary stuff ... like i wanna see something so scary that i am gonna be afraid to go to bed that night because im scared that the monster is in my closet .... I like those kinds of scary movies but NOTHING recently has been that scary ... just gory and boring for my taste .... and sometimes funny .... ugh .. MAKE A SCARY MOVIE PEOPLE!!!! NOT THAT HARD!!!
*sigh* Sorry bout that ...

My favorite food is a tie between Fettucine Alfredo and good old fashioned American cheeseburgers AHAHA~~!!! XDD

I love LOVE dessert!!! ((especially chocolate!!))

Lets see .... um ... I love history (HETALIA AHAHA~~!!) but it is my favorite subject ... its because of this subject that i am re-thinking my political career for that of a history college professor ^^

I do not play videogames ... sadly ... I have tried to in the past but for some reason i cant use the controler right -.- so i resort to watching my older brother play his games ... which is very entertaining at times XD

OH! I have a gorgeous family! My original parents are divorced. I dont get along too well with my birth-mom (too many things to say that i dont want to talk about -.-) but i am a HUGE daddy's girl. Literally my dad is my world. I have a little brother and i dont like him either. So of my direct blood family (not including aunts uncles grandparents etc) the only person i like is my daddy ... this is pretty sad. BUT!! 3 years ago my dad joined eHarmony (yes this is an eHarmony story sorry but this really happened) and i just looked at him with a 'WTF?!' face cause he never does stuff like this ... But thats how he met my wonderful loving step-momma Michelle. She had two kids of her own of whom i consider my real siblings (more than my blood brother). One is older than me by 9 months and he is an awesome big brother! Very cool, popular, and athletic. And the other is my little sister who is so cute but she can have a b**** streak when she wants to ... *shudders* but she is for the most part a genuine sweetheart ^^ she is 11. And the most recent member of the family is my baby brother Gabe who has just turned 2. He is the strongest ... scariest ... most fearless child ... ever ... and i am being dead serious ... its scary .... =.= ...... but he is such a cutie!!!!!! XDDD

My little blood related brother decided to move up North to be with our real mom (THANK YOU LORD!) [there is also a depressing story behind this as well] so now our houseshold consists of my older bro, me, my lil sis, baby Gabe, my mommy, and my daddy XDDD I could seriously never could've asked for a better family~~!! So yeah ... just letting eveyone know ... I am a bitch when it comes to my family ... i like to brag about them and stuff ... like, ever see those insanely family oriented dads who boast and squeal about their children at work every day? ( example: Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist) I am exactly like that when I am talking about my family ... ^^" hehe sorry ....

Now I can't think of anything else to say about myself ^^"

:iconheroamerica1plz::iconheroamerica2plz::iconheroamerica3plz::iconheroamerica4plz::iconrussia1plz::iconrussia2plz::iconrussia3plz: {I am just sayin, if Russia
:iconheroamerica5plz::iconheroamerica6plz::iconheroamerica7plz::iconheroamerica8plz::iconrussia4plz::iconrussia5plz::iconrussia6plz:and America could form an


:icon2penglandplz::iconrussiaplz: I also roleplay as these wonderful characters so if you want some "interesting" roleplay stories, stop on by Oliver's Cupcake Factory!!

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Results of What Does the Hetalia Crew Think of You?















Possible Boyfriends: Italy, Switzerland, Germany

Best Male Friend: Lithuania

Best Female Friends: Liechtenstein, Hungary

Enemies: Russia, France, England

Sweet and encouraging, people find your friendliness very attractive. You are also fiercely loyal and this can lead you to being stubborn. Often, you need to watch out for people that might take advantage of you, but you usually make enough good friends to keep yourself safe and happy! Your friends recognize your vulnerability and don’t hesitate to support and protect you. Luckily, you make friends easily; your generous spirit inspires them to stay by your side, always. People are attracted to your magnanimous kindness.

What do the Hetalia characters think of you?

Axis Powers

Italy: I love her, ve~! She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met and it makes me want to keep her all to myself! I always feel comfortable and loved when I’m with her. She’s so affectionate~! Heh, if Germany really wants her, he’ll have to compete with this Italian charm, ve~! Ahahaha!

Germany: There is something rather nice about her. She isn’t the smartest or the bravest, but she doesn’t need to be. It is difficult for me to admit this, but I find that she is beautiful inside and out. There is no one as charming and intimate as her. I don’t care what anyone thinks because if she wanted me, I would be by her side always. And Italy can stop being such a dummkopf about my affections for her!

Japan: Ahh, she is kindly! She treats me very hospitably when I see her.

Allied Powers

America: Dude, you could not meet a nicer girl ‘cause she is super nice! She’s like the hero of niceness! Don’t let England tell you anything mean about her though! Y’know, he got into it with her one day over the Epic Hero and she told him to stop being rude to yours truly and refused to back down, so he got pretty angry! He’s extremely critical of her.

England: Annoying git. She’s too nice. And she is way too stubborn. What a pillock. Needless to say, getting along with her isn’t exactly my cup of tea. We have conflicting personalities no thanks to her strange attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice people and I don’t always dislike determination, but I find her gullibility and vulnerability despicable.

France: Usually I’ll settle for disagreeing with both America and England, but I find that I must agree with l’Angleterre this time; her meekness is rather obnoxious. The last time she argued with England, I felt obliged to step in and help him because she just wouldn’t let it go.

China: Such a sweet young lady! I enjoy her presence, though, her obstinacy can be a little over the top!

Russia: An interesting creature. The last time I demanded she become one with me, she refused quietly. When I asked again, she still refused. It is strange. No matter how many times I ask, she always refuses. A stubborn girl. I will break her eventually.

North America

Canada: E-eh? Oh! She is r-really nice! Sometimes we hang out when we both have time off. She’s okay with listening to my problems and helping me out with them, and she actually notices me!

Cuba: Cute girl; she radiates goodness and purity, with a childlike stubbornness. I like her a lot.

Central Europe

Austria: Well, she is very nice, but maybe too vulnerable. Honestly, she reminds me of myself when I was younger and that simply must be what endears her to Switzerland. Something I don’t understand, by the way, is her relationship with him. I think he likes her more than he should.

Hungary: A total sweetie-pie! She makes me smile. No one had better take advantage of her, ever, unless they want to face my wrath.

Prussia: Man, that girl is way too nice to hang out with the Awesome Me! I wouldn’t want to, y’know, corrupt or defile her or anything. And I’d probably hurt her feelings accidentally and I wouldn’t want that! Hungary would beat me up if I ever hurt her feelings!

Liechtenstein: That’s my sweet big sister! She’s always right there for me when I need her. We talk a lot when Switzi isn’t around and she keeps me company. Sometimes she goes out on “dates” with Switzi, but she always brings me back a treat! Oh! And she loves the dress I made for her!

Switzerland: Yes, w-well, um… *blushes* …she is just a very nice girl that I happen to like spending time with. So what if we spend a lot of time together? It doesn’t mean anything serious—well—not really! I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of it. So what if I like her? Just leave me alone! Oh, and if there’s someone else who wants her, they can get bent because I saw her first!

Poland: She’s like, totally cool! We rode ponies together one time and it was, like, so, like sweet!

Eastern Europe

Belarus: Bah. I hate nice people.

Estonia: Good girl, excellent manners, pure heart; you don’t find many people like her anymore.

Latvia: She is like a sister to me! She’s really nice to us Baltic States!

Lithuania: W-w-wow! She makes my heart race! Every time I escort her, she’s always so kind to me. She sympathizes with my problems with Russia and knows how to make me smile. Every time I see her, I feel like I can bear a bit more or maybe even become a little stronger. We’re the best of friends.

Ukraine: W-well, I heard that she’s r-really nice, but R-Russia won’t let me get near her! D-do you think she would want to be my friend?

Mediterranean Europe

Romano: Bad things always happen to nice people. Which is too bad, especially in her case.

Spain: Ah, yes; we are kindred spirits! She is so mild-tempered and kind that I am always attracted to her. I wish I saw more of her because she is such a sweet girl! I think being around someone like her would soften Romano up as well.

Never ... in my wildest dreams ... would i think that Switzerland would be a good match ..... BUT THIS IS ME TO THE DOT!!!!

..... I am upset that England hates me though ...... WAH~~!!!!! TT^TT
Okie dokie ...

About 6 months ago, I started dating this super cute, nice, amazing, funny, charming guy named Devin. I thought he was so cute and handsome and jus awesome...
So I told my friend ...

And she told him that he should date me ...

So he gave me a chance :,)

we started dating around Valentine's Day and had our first dinner date on Valentine's day :) and our  first kiss ^///^

I knew he was going into the Navy but I honestly didn't think that we would be together for a long time ... I thought that we would last for a month, tops. I was wrong.

As the days went by, he held my hand, brought me presents, and showed up unexpectedly at school when he was sick just to see me :) It was the best and he made me feel like the only one in the world.

I kept telling my parents how awesome he was ... then one day they asked me something that I hadn't thought about ... "What are you going to do when he leaves for the Navy?" ... I was at a blank.

I knew he was going, yeah, but we never talked about us if we made it that far ... I was a little scared to ask about it ... I didn't want him thinking I was jumping into anything ... so I left it alone.

Then came time for Gradbash! We were both seniors so I spent the day at his house before we left ... We were at Subway when he brought it up ... "We need to talk about when I leave ..."

And we did and came up with some scenarios and thought it would be best if we broke up when he left. It seemed smart and reasonable and I thought I could handle it. No boy had ever broken my heart before, so why not?

The conversation continued when we went back to his house ... his head was in my lap when he looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I love you ... Really ... and I don't wanna hurt you. If you want to leave now, you can. I don't wanna be a dick and break your heart."

I told him that I loved him too.
And I truly did.
So I stayed with him.

Before school ended, I was nominated for an ROTC scholarship at University of Arizona. I received the scholarship on July 4th. He was so happy and proud of me. 

Time went on, we played, laughed, wrestled, and everything ... we went on dates and cherished each other ... we went on vacation together ... It was amazing.

My birthday came. August 1st and he wanted to spend the day with me ... my parents let him sleep over :) He gave me a card that I still cherish ... It says:

Dear (my real name),

You mean so much to me. I wish I could take you with me , you have made me such a better person since I've been with you. Even though it's only been six months, it's been the best six months. I'm not very good at writing sentiments or picking out cards ... So I got this one that says you're 18! I'm sure you already know that. What this card doesn't say is the way I feel about you. Happy 18th Birthday Babe!!
~Love Devin

It made my heart swell knowing how much he cared about me ...
But time was already out ...
He had to leave August 5 ... so we had a party for him on the 3rd. I spent the night with him again.

Each time we spent the night, we were always curled up next to each other ... happy to be together.

On the 4th, he had to leave for the hotel ... but I couldn't go with him. We spent the day together; went to school to say our goodbyes and thank yous, got Dunkin Doughnuts, kissed and hugged some more.

And at 1:20pm he had to take me home. I was crying as he drove me to my house. He escorted me into my empty house ... My dad was at work and my mom was with my siblings at a doctor's office in Tampa.

As soon as we were inside, I turned around, buried my head against his chest as I sobbed. He held me for a while as I started to calm down ... then he made me look up at him ...

The look on his face as he saw what him leaving did to me ... he looked like a kicked puppy ... That face was awful ... He kept making it as he kissed me again and again. Trying to comfort me as best he could.

We kept telling each other over and over again 'I love you' 'I miss you' 'I'm gonna miss you' .... then we parted ...

I walked him to my front door.
The door was still open as he hugged me one last time and whispered "Goodbye"...
I said "Goodbye" back, tears still coming down hard.
He turned and walked halfway down the entry walk before turning around and saying 'I love you ...'

That was the last thing he told me before turning around and getting into his car and driving away.

I closed the door and sobbed so hard after he left. I miss him so much!

We never argued or fought or anything!
we are young and haven't had much experience in life but in this relationship that we had, we loved each other.

It was closest either of us had ever come to.
We still do.

I'm still crying today ... I miss him so much ... I just keep expecting him to come down the rode in his car saying "Hey beeb! What's wrong?"

I want him to show up and hug me ... telling me that everything will be okay ...

We both feel that if our relationship is meant to be, then it will be. We still plan on keeping in touch ... but not dating ...

It's the possibility that we might end up together again makes me unable to move on from the relationship. I'm not forgetting him. I'm not forgetting the past 6 months we spent together because those were the best days of my life!

I can't picture myself with anyone else ... just him ...
Yet, people say that me going to Arizona might lead to me meeting Mr. Right ...
But I don't think that's right.
I love Devin.
I can't move on anytime soon ...

We plan on meeting up together this Christmas ... and hopefully see what's going to happen from there.

I miss my baby.
I love him.
And he's gone.
I just want him to come home. :,(

Pixect-20140801142319 by SamanthaAnnaSnow          

My Babe and I <3

any comments on what u all recommend I do is greatly appreciated.
I just need some help is all ...

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